'rod curtain rail Extendible Curtain Pole 130 to 240 cm Diameter 16 mm' Lily ' 1 Black - B06Y6FYM73

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  • Elegant and contemporary metal curtain pole in black

  • Curtain Rod can be shortened, with a metal saw on your desired dimensions

  • Complete set within just a few minutes

  • Wall mounting accessories (end pieces and straps, fixings, rings)

  • Ideal for Tab Top Curtains and eyelet curtains

  • Living Mondo and table decorations for your home
    Modern Curtain Rail for Living Mondo
    The window box is the soul of the house. A beautiful curtain is only with room, each room homely touch. Telescopic Extendable Curtain Rails are the ideal solution if you cannot find an appropriate curtain for your window width.
    Make your individual hang of the curtains, as not always are all window widths standardised.
    Now you can set up your curtain assemble and our curtain pole to the desired width. Attach the end and then the window decoration is done.
    You will find we for curtain rods different models. Choose now have the suitable for curtain poles the style your apartment suite you require and you benefit from the prices of the action range.
    Modern Curtain Rail for you choose
    End pieces and rings are made from durable plastic, the straps and curtain rod, are made from metal.
    You will receive our curtain rail with the matching number of rings included in box contents. There is a 10 cm as a ring be charged.
    Supplied with an extendible curtain pole between 70 and 120 cm is 12 curtain rings. There are also plenty of rings for curtain available.
    The necessary hooks, please order separately.
    Curtain rods from a length between 130 and 240 cm has three straps, which provide stability.
    All other curtain rail have two straps.
    You will receive a our curtain pole available in black, silver and brown rust
    The diameter of the extendible curtain pole is 16/13 mm, with all other models is the size 16 mm. This is a standard size.

    'rod curtain rail Extendible Curtain Pole 130 to 240 cm Diameter 16 mm' Lily ' 1 Black - B06Y6FYM73

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