Timber-Treasures Hand-Crafted Wooden Sleeping Cat Puzzle Box - B00E4O7BV4

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  • Hand-Crafted in the style of a Sleeping Cat.

  • Finished with a traditionally crafted parquetry lid design.

  • Uses secret locking mechanism to keep valuables hidden away.

  • Approximate Dimensions, 95mm long x 140mm wide x 55mm deep

  • Approximate Internal Dimensions, 60mm long x 65mm wide x 15mm deep

  • The puzzle box, personal secret box or trick box originated from the Hakone region of Central Japan in the early 19th century. Known as Himitsu-Bako these original puzzle boxes were heavily decorated with traditional Japanese parquetry patterns called Yosegi-zaiku (parquetry is a method we still use to create the lids of our own Timber-Treasures puzzle boxes). Puzzle boxes have no apparent lock apart from the box itself, and only through the adjustment and manipulation of the outer pieces of each box it can be opened or closed. A Timber Treasures best seller. This delicately handmade box is in the shape of a sleeping cat with a parquetry lid fashioned in naturally coloured, vibrant woods which has a unique and intriguing opening sequence. An inexpensive, unusual gift that provides a safe and secure place to store important trinkets, jewellery or maybe some spare change. The dimensions of this puzzle box are approximately 140mm x 95mm x 55mm deep or 5.5in x 3.7in x 2.2in deep. Internal dimensions are approximately 65mm x 60mm x 15mm deep or 2.6in x 2.4in x 0.6in deep. These dimensions are an estimated average, due to the fact that all our products are handcrafted these may differ slightly from dimensions suggested.

    Timber-Treasures Hand-Crafted Wooden Sleeping Cat Puzzle Box - B00E4O7BV4

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